Drinker's Guide uses data collected monthly to administer safety ratings to bars in New Jersey. Our goal is to provide a service which let's the consumer make more knowledgable choices when frequenting bars. We also hope to provide helpful information to Police about possible unreported offenses and likelihood of future offenses.

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Ten most dangerous bars of the month

Bar Name Safety Rating*
Small Sage Meadhall0.0
Twin Dagger Taproom1.5
Stone Crossroads Clubhouse1.5
Seven Bard Clubhouse1.5
White Battle Axe Hall2.3
Twin Knave Lodge2.3
Fox Cellar2.3
Winking Rat House2.3
Stone Dwarf House2.3
Small Sword House2.3

* Safety ratings are on a 0-10 scale with 0 being the most dangerous

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